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“I chose to become an EARTHwise member because I want to continue learning through the monthly Masterclasses about the future archetypal wisdom needed to help our Earth, as well as to stay in conversation with the wonderful people from the Quest.  In supporting what EARTHwise offers, I have found an organization I can fully say “YES” to.” ~ Elisabet Van Der Horst

As we build for a New World from Our Future, as we re-member our membership within Life, and as engaged members for this unique transition time, we invite you to join us as an EARTHwise member on this Transformation Journey Together.

Membership at EARTHwise Centre is not a membership where you are just a bystander, receiving content that we are offering.  Being an EARTHwise member is an invitation that provides possibilities to learn, grow, and develop Together, and to contribute, collaborate, and co-create with us and our WHOLE Community.

Membership is an investment of just $16 USD per month if paid monthly, or $160 per year through a single-payment. As a value-exchange we promise to support your blossoming and growth in the following ways: 

  • Monthly 1-hour Masterclass every first Wednesday of the Month with one of our top facilitators + 30 minutes Q & A. All the 1-hour online Masterclass sessions are recorded in video and audio download format (valued at $600). The next Masterclass will be on Wednesday July, 3rd, at 10.00am PDT (Pacific).
  • NEW FEATURE Monthly 1 hour Evolutionary Learning Circle to deepen our capacity to apply and practice what we are learning and mastering through the various EARTHwise Programs. 
  • Personal access to our EARTHwise Library with valuable videos, meditations, and other wisdom resources for accessing your inner genius and BEING the difference that makes the difference (valued at $300)!  
  • Special Bonus Video with the first 3 Letters from the International Amazon Bestseller: Love Letters from Mother Earth - The Promise of a New Beginning, by Anneloes Smitsman (valued at $30)
  • Special member rates and first opt-ins for our EARTHwise retreats, and 10% reduction of our 1-on-1 coaching sessions and online programs. 

Our entry-level contribution is equivalent to a few cups of coffee or tea per month.  When you think about it, that is something you can only enjoy briefly.  That same contribution as an EARTHwise member is long lasting benefit and investment in your growth and supports us simultaneously.  

We are all members of EARTHwise, and as members we all contribute to the organization and our community.  Why? Because we believe that it is important that we stand with our members as members for Our World & the Future Generations. Join us as an EARTHwise member and become a Future Creative and Evolutionary Catalyst by creating Our World Together!


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