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Counting Coup on Sexual Abuse, Rape and Incest


Second Global Webinar Video - 29 June 2019

Global Launch Webinar Video - 13 April 2019

Lyla June

A Powerful Invitation to join the Healing Movement

Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr.

A Heartfelt Welcome to all Relatives of the Human Family.


The Call for unprecedented Unified Action

All Members of our Human Family, you are warmly and lovingly invited to attend and participate in the second Global Webinar, facilitated by Howard Vincent, film producer, and counselor, Lyla June Johnson, acclaimed international artist, Chief Phil Lane Jr., global changemaker, and Jessica Eagle Whitefeather, author and artist. Learn what can happen when we stand united to “Counting Coup on Sexual Abuse, Rape and Incest”.  

Find out how you can be part of this united, global movement to address and heal this sexual violence. It is time that we heal together and protect future generations from all violence, which is destined to be healed, as prophesied.

The time has come to face and heal the deep wounds of intergenerational sexual abuse, rape, and incest. The healing process starts from within, with each of us,  and by role-modeling this process in our families and communities. These deep wounds, unaddressed and unhealed intergenerational trauma, cause tremendous violence in our lives and in our communities. Peace on Mother Earth cannot take place without us standing up, in unprecedented, unified action, to heal those wounds from their intergenerational roots. 

We have carefully chosen the words 'Counting Coup' and this practice because 'Counting coup' refers to spiritually winning 'the battle', without serious injuries. We see this as the deepest and most long lasting way to create a new beginning, and with it a New World, as prophesied.


This live webinar conversation is free and takes place via zoom. You can join the zoom call via your computer or phone. Zoom details will be sent after registration, a few days prior to the webinar. To join this free online webinar, please register below. Please check your spam box in case you are not receiving your email. 

Beloved friends and relatives. We fully honour your privacy and confidentiality and ensure you that your data submitted here are not used for any other purpose than the registration for this webinar series.


PART 1 - Opening & Conversation with Facilitators - 60 minutes from 10am-11am PDT. 

PART 2 -   Q & A and opportunity to share with each other - 45 minutes from 11am-11.45 PDT.

The live webinars are organized and is hosted by Four Worlds International Institute and EARTHwise Centre, in partnership with SINE and Unify.


Wherever You Are START ~ Howard Vincent

Anishinaabe Elder, Counsellor, Healer, and Sexual Abuse, Rape and Incest Survivor, Brother Howard Vincent, calls us to join in this powerful global healing movement - "Counting Coup on Sexual Abuse, Rape and Incest". Please join us here for the first of a series of online webinar conversations to Heal Ourselves & the Future Generations.

Supportive Resources 

“Healing the Intergenerational Impact of Sexual Abuse”

First International Indigenous Sexual Abuse Conference

Keynote Address by Brother Phil Lane Jr.  - February 13, 2003

"It is a great honor and inspiration to be with you as we fulfill the sacred prophecies of the wise visionaries and spiritual leaders of all our tribes and nations. These ancient prophecies promised that after a long, difficult, and painful wintertime, of 500 years, our Indigenous peoples would fully arise from the ashes of our suffering and play a great role in the spiritual transformation of the entire human family."

... to read more, please click the READ THE FULL KEYNOTE ADDRESS button below. 


Join The Global Movement ~ Chief Phil Lane Jr.

Global Leader and Visionary, Hereditary Chief, and Elder, Phil Lane Jr., Ihanktowan and Chickasaw Nations, shares the Unprecedented, Unified Global Movement for Healing the Human Family, led by Indigenous Peoples and Allies, as prophesied, including “Counting Coup on Sexual Abuse, Rape and Incest”. Please join us here for the first of a series of online webinar conversations to Heal Ourselves & the Future Generations.

Healing the Hurts Video

Directed by Choctaw Film Maker, Phil Lucas, this dynamic and heartfelt video documents the devastating effects of the Native Canadian and First Nations Boarding Schools that dramatically shattered Indigenous Cultures, children, families and communities throughout North America

Indigenous Leaders Share the Reunion Prophecy of the Condor and Eagle

Lyla June - All Nations Rise


Howard Vincent is an Anishinabe from Frenchman’s Head Reserve Lac Seul Band outside of Hudson, ON.  Howard has been working as a mental health counselor since graduating from the Native Education Centre in 1993.  Howard has co-produced and appeared in the video “Breaking the Cycle” a video about family violence. He also appeared in “When Girls Do It”, which aired nationally on CTV about males being sexually abused by women.  Howard has authored the Aboriginal Spousal Assault Program for helping the Spirit Lodge Society. He has also participated at many conferences across Canada. Howard is a survivor of physical abuse, severe sexual abuse at the hands of women, men and older boys, abandoned at the age of 10, alcohol and drugs, foster homes, Ontario Training School for boys, life on the street since the age of 15 to the age of 40, prison and violence has been a central theme in his life.

Lyla June Johnson is a nationally and internationally renowned public speaker, poet, hip-hop artist and acoustic singer-songwriter of Diné (Navajo) and Tsétsêhéstâhese (Cheyenne) lineages. Her music and message centers around intergenerational and inter-ethnic healing, as well as an articulation of Indigenous Philosophy. Her life story of addiction, abuse, discrimination and eventually overcoming these battles gives her a powerful vantage point from which to share a message of love, unification, and healing. Lyla’s urgent, vibrant stage presence and ability to convey paths forward for indigenous liberation have brought her to universities, school assemblies, conferences, music festivals, and community centers across the United States and over ten nations around Mother Earth.

Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. is an enrolled member of the Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations and is an internationally recognized leader in the human, community, and economic development. During the past 50 years, Chief Lane has worked with Indigenous Peoples from the Americas, Micronesia, South East Asia, China, India, Bhutan, Hawaii, and Africa. He served 16 years as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada (1980-1996). In 1982, he founded the Four Worlds International Institute (FWII). He is also Chairman of Four Directions International and Compassion Games International. He was raped, at 12, by an older boy. Over the past 50 years, Chief Phil has addressed the sexual abuse of two daughter’s, by “family friends and relatives”, and has facilitated healing processes, across Canada, for thousands of Physical and Sexual Abuse Survivors of Canada’s Residential Schools.

Jessica Eagle Whitefeather is of Japanese, American, Cherokee, and Celtic descent, and was born into an International religious cult in Japan. Abandoned at 6, she found herself a target of ongoing sexual, spiritual, psychological and physical abuse, and was placed in full time jobs within the cult communes. While living in India for 6 months doing volunteer work in slums and orphanages, she felt true fulfilment and discovered what she wanted to do with her life. Leaving the cult alone at 16 years old, she was a baby stepping into new territory but this step began her journey to sovereignty. A life filled with adversity has forced Jessica to continuously delve deep for inner strength, courage and inner resources. Cultivating self-love and re-connection to her intuition has been instrumental and she has found some of her deepest healing within the unconditionally loving embrace of Mother Earth, assisting her in remembering her own nature as well as the sacredness in all things.

"I have been told that by loving and praying for those who have harmed us and the ones we love we are restored to our natural state. It is not only about helping to restore their mental health, but also about restoring our own."

Lyla June

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Healing Ourselves and Future Generations: Counting Coup on Sexual Abuse, Rape and Incest

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